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*Top Stories ========================================
 EV Celebration day was July 14th! This is the OEVA's big annual event.
Here are some highlights:
pdf: Senator Ron Wyden http://fb.me/22nABnflk
pdf: Senator Jeff Merkley http://fb.me/xeNm3Hh2
photos: 115 pictures http://fb.me/HcFyeIoN
video walkaround http://fb.me/1wX8gXTOG
video: Charlie Allcock http://fb.me/218YKIAKR
video: Mary Nolan http://fb.me/WqAunbzX
video: Oregon Senators' Letters http://fb.me/1z8eWw0rM
video: Solar Oregon http://fb.me/1T4h9N49S
video: EV Myths http://fb.me/1LZcNgo99

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================*
o Tesla Model S test drives July 20 (Reservation Holders Only)
o Tesla grand opening at Washington Square July 20-22 http://fb.me/GBhTDa4f
o The OEVA will be at Celebrate Hillsboro July 21st http://fb.me/suvBglxM
o 4th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10

*Media  ===========================================*
o Revenge of the Electric Car at the Bagdad Theater http://fb.me/1OxZFGC9A
o Blink DC Fast Charger at the Hillsboro Civic center http://fb.me/229ErP3R9

o Elon Musk Explains How He Wrecked a $1M McLaren http://fb.me/BNBCF0IA

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o The DC Fast Charger at Fred Meyer Hillsboro is up and running
o Oregon State University gets charging stations http://fb.me/OlwUskFi
o ClipperCreek, Inc. expands in the NW http://fb.me/1PJ3QAW86
o Oregon Statewide Transportation Strategy plan http://goo.gl/6wdow
o SolWest Fair hosts EVs "John Day or Bust" meetup http://fb.me/2d5w39xVX
o First DC fast charger in Washington County! http://fb.me/MblT5vwY
o $4 million in incentives available for commercial EVs
o EVs at Electric Avenue PSU - blog  http://fb.me/1KY9P5smT
o Brammo aiming at $1B-plus IPO http://fb.me/1FUDzpQS9
o Brammo Discovers Key New Market: Women http://fb.me/1zLalDMNW
o Sharp growth in Electric Scooters & Motorcycles, Brammo Benefits
o Bend carmaker receives grant http://fb.me/Gu4Ub57p
o Revenge of the Electric Car Portland première lookback

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o Hot Weather tips for Leaf Battery Packs http://fb.me/1o52d63J9
o 11,739 non-residential Charging Stations in the USA!
o GE responds to allegations of WattStations damaging LEAFs
o Mission Motors sets NEDRA quarter mile record http://fb.me/1drV12WAe
o EV batteries' cost may drop 70% by 2025: Study http://fb.me/18ADnmgDw
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