[Oeva-list] Beyond Oil conference in Seattle, Sept 7

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They are hoping a few people will drive up from Portland to show that EVs
can make long distance drives today and that EV treks will only get easier.

Sunlight will never cost $4 per gallon
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The Seattle Space Needle was built 50 years ago for the World’s Fair.  The
theme was “the future.”  This year, the Seattle Center is having a series
of events focused on the future.  For transportation, this centers around
plug-in electric vehicles. There will be a conference on Friday Sept 7.

Steve Marshall, who has hosted some national “Beyond Oil” conferences in
the past, is putting this one together.  Attached see the draft agenda—he’s
got some interesting big-name speakers booked already, and he’s working on
more.  There will be pastries in the morning, and a box lunch.  Interested
in attending?  You can get in free, with one catch.

You have to drive here, and display your EV at the event.  It’s part of the
theme—Steve wants to show that electric cars are not the future, they
are *already
here*, and there is already enough infrastructure in the PNW for them to
get around.  Future plans (legislators and transportation planners are the
main audience) need to *assume* electric vehicles are part of the mix, and
build on that.

Let me know if you’re interested.  If not, no big deal—it’s an awfully long
drive for a conference; I just told Steve I’d contact some remote EV owners
I know, I didn’t actually say any would show up.  [image: Smile]



Some non-final details on what the event might look like (you could skip
the Sept 6 parts):

· You drive to Seattle on Thu Sept 6, and meet other drivers on the
waterfront at 3pm

· Media takes pictures, does interviews, and we all drive to nearby Seattle
Center at 4:30pm

· Seattle Center will be having a dinner event for participants in all of
the year’s festivities (this conference is one of the last ones).  This
will be a big event, and we will park our cars in front of them.  Unclear
if we can join the dinner or not.

· Head off for the evening, but be back by 8am for when conference
attendees arrive.  Park your car in the plaza next to the event; talk to
attendees as they arrive.

· Attend the conference, eat lunch, learn some things.

· Be back to your car by 4:30 when the conference ends.  Attendees will be
directed to the cars, where owners will be available to answer questions.
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