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*Top Stories ========================================
 Tesla Opens Portland Store
o story: http://fb.me/1wFQU4qNL
o photos: http://fb.me/1cBBpLjvS

OEVA attended Celebrate Hillsboro!
o photos: http://fb.me/strjju9e

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================*
  o SolWest Fair July 27-29 http://fb.me/XiNL6AMW
o Electric Car Show in Medford Oregon Aug 1 http://fb.me/2geUtW7So
o Oregon Clean Fuels public hearing Aug 31 http://fb.me/1yeAkwoXd o 4th
Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10 http://fb.me/1u0UXOmZL

*Media  ===========================================*
o video: EV Celebration Day Driving on Sunshine 2 http://fb.me/1e5VaZMb3
o video: DC Fast Charging in Hillsboro http://fb.me/1mBCCGrKE
o photos: West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/1KP2pgqZX
o video: Take a ride in the Tesla Model S http://fb.me/29eALlWrl
o video: Revenge of the Electric Car Intro http://fb.me/WbuAWxNV
o webinar: ‘Electrification! A Marathon not a Sprint’ http://fb.me/1yS8rqFd1

o video: EV Celebration Day - http://EcoMopeds.com  http://fb.me/1RzqyE1uq
o photos: Solar Oregon @ EV Celebration Day http://fb.me/1Au172Sui
o video: EV Celebration Day - http://EVDrive.com  http://fb.me/LLbQTzh3
o video: EV Celebration Day - Jefferson Smith http://fb.me/1z4rMFNJH
o How to use a CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger http://fb.me/21RdUGZpc
o photos: Inside Blink DCFC http://fb.me/216pZvhtJ
o video: 2013 Honda Fit EV 1st Drive http://fb.me/1bG4rYWsA
o video: 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in in Portland OR http://fb.me/1xPXXSUes

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
 o 1,823-Mile Oregon Coast Tesla Road Trip http://fb.me/1H23A89Vq
o 100 Days of car2go in Portland 30 New EVs http://fb.me/Idpz70Gs
o Electric Avenue lessons learned http://fb.me/WfNgAjHO
o Brammo Empulse Up close http://fb.me/1zi1jZ5BS
o Portland’s Electric Avenue offers lessons http://fb.me/DR4y1B8H
o Drive Oregon is hiring http://fb.me/18uFH9DwI
o Honda 2013 Fit EV available in Oregon http://fb.me/1zpFlZxVj
o Motor Trend's West Coast Electric Highway Road Trip http://fb.me/1wLwrJe0M

o State funding for Charging Stations extended http://fb.me/1AeYDTlWJ
o Gresham Ford will sell Coda EVs http://fb.me/1e0pPEFRH
o Oregon Manifest ebike goes to production http://fb.me/1FVfKgnoG
o Brammo Electric Motorcycle Time Trials http://fb.me/1dLzTq28c
o Electric highway to energy independence by SenJeffMerkley

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
Ford C-Max Energi:
o 95 MPGe Rating, 20 Miles E-Range http://fb.me/1uM7r1Tvn
o Priced at $33,745 http://fb.me/1ckfh7IPm
o $3750 fed tax credit => 7 kWh pack

o Nissan responds to LEAF capacity loss http://fb.me/Pf96T292
o Hybrid & EV Sales Soar Despite Gas Prices http://fb.me/2bYSjJMu3
o World's Fastest Electric Airplane! http://fb.me/1T6ncUpUt
o Plug-In Vehicle Sales Will Hit 1.7M by 2020 http://fb.me/XrzaAjvW
o Test Drive: Smart Finally Gets It Right with Latest Electric Car

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