[Oeva-list] Everyone PLease update MY Email addresses. I have not been getting any of the JOHN Day information!

Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Wed Jul 25 13:43:23 PDT 2012

Hi All
 MY CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS IS: rhonda at evo2go.com
I no longer have the email addresses
Rwbeachbum at comcast 
Evo2go at comcast.net

Please send any information regarding John Day trip again
Chase and Barbara did you want to go to John Day?

Rhonda Walton

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From:  Patrick <patrick at oeva.org>
Date:  Wednesday, July 25, 2012 9:10 AM
To:  OEVA <oeva-list at oeva.org>
Subject:  [Oeva-list] Oregon EV News of the Week 2012 July 25th

Your weekly news digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle stories, events, and
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patrick at oeva.org. 

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Top Stories ========================================
Tesla Opens Portland Store
o story: http://fb.me/1wFQU4qNL
o photos: http://fb.me/1cBBpLjvS

OEVA attended Celebrate Hillsboro!
o photos: http://fb.me/strjju9e

Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================
o SolWest Fair July 27-29 http://fb.me/XiNL6AMW
o Electric Car Show in Medford Oregon Aug 1 http://fb.me/2geUtW7So
o Oregon Clean Fuels public hearing Aug 31 http://fb.me/1yeAkwoXd
o 4th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10

Media  ===========================================
o video: EV Celebration Day Driving on Sunshine 2 http://fb.me/1e5VaZMb3
o video: DC Fast Charging in Hillsboro http://fb.me/1mBCCGrKE
o photos: West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/1KP2pgqZX
o video: Take a ride in the Tesla Model S http://fb.me/29eALlWrl
o video: Revenge of the Electric Car Intro http://fb.me/WbuAWxNV
o webinar: ŒElectrification! A Marathon not a Sprint¹ http://fb.me/1yS8rqFd1
o video: EV Celebration Day - http://EcoMopeds.com  http://fb.me/1RzqyE1uq
o photos: Solar Oregon @ EV Celebration Day http://fb.me/1Au172Sui
o video: EV Celebration Day - http://EVDrive.com  http://fb.me/LLbQTzh3
o video: EV Celebration Day - Jefferson Smith http://fb.me/1z4rMFNJH
o How to use a CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger http://fb.me/21RdUGZpc
o photos: Inside Blink DCFC http://fb.me/216pZvhtJ
o video: 2013 Honda Fit EV 1st Drive http://fb.me/1bG4rYWsA
o video: 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in in Portland OR http://fb.me/1xPXXSUes

Northwest EV News of Note ==========================
o 1,823-Mile Oregon Coast Tesla Road Trip http://fb.me/1H23A89Vq
o 100 Days of car2go in Portland 30 New EVs http://fb.me/Idpz70Gs
o Electric Avenue lessons learned http://fb.me/WfNgAjHO
o Brammo Empulse Up close http://fb.me/1zi1jZ5BS
o Portland¹s Electric Avenue offers lessons http://fb.me/DR4y1B8H
o Drive Oregon is hiring http://fb.me/18uFH9DwI
o Honda 2013 Fit EV available in Oregon http://fb.me/1zpFlZxVj
o Motor Trend's West Coast Electric Highway Road Trip http://fb.me/1wLwrJe0M
o State funding for Charging Stations extended http://fb.me/1AeYDTlWJ
o Gresham Ford will sell Coda EVs http://fb.me/1e0pPEFRH
o Oregon Manifest ebike goes to production http://fb.me/1FVfKgnoG
o Brammo Electric Motorcycle Time Trials http://fb.me/1dLzTq28c
o Electric highway to energy independence by SenJeffMerkley

Other EV News of Note =============================
Ford C-Max Energi: 
o 95 MPGe Rating, 20 Miles E-Range http://fb.me/1uM7r1Tvn
o Priced at $33,745 http://fb.me/1ckfh7IPm
o $3750 fed tax credit => 7 kWh pack

o Nissan responds to LEAF capacity loss http://fb.me/Pf96T292
o Hybrid & EV Sales Soar Despite Gas Prices http://fb.me/2bYSjJMu3
o World's Fastest Electric Airplane! http://fb.me/1T6ncUpUt
o Plug-In Vehicle Sales Will Hit 1.7M by 2020 http://fb.me/XrzaAjvW
o Test Drive: Smart Finally Gets It Right with Latest Electric Car

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