[Oeva-list] Electric and economy ICE cars "Why so unappealing?"

Ken Brown ken-kw-oeva1.9226ce at qualityswengineering.com
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Right, a Tesla is underperforming and ugly.  

Has he even looked at a Volt?  

I think Leafs are really cool looking too, if a bit unconventional....

Or are Volts and Leafs considered "luxury" models?  Total cost of ownership probably argues otherwise.

And who can say all these new Think City's aren't just about the cutest things?  :)

Think, Volt, Prius, *original* Insight

On Jun 1, 2012, at 9:10 , Greg Long wrote:

> A friend alluded to a reasonable question, why electric cars don't
> perform and are so unappealing.
> The engineering answer is easy for the lower-priced set, but the
> design is a tougher question. I suggested outside the luxury models,
> economy cars are designed that way so their styling does not compete
> with the pricier mor profitable models. What do you guys think?
> "Chrysler Admits: Electric Fiat 500 Is Compliance Car We Don't Want To Make"
> by John Voelcker
> http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1076578_chrysler-admits-electric-fiat-500-is-compliance-car-we-dont-want-to-make
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