[Oeva-list] Who is this Martian? And why is he saying my baby is ugly? and what gives him the right?

Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Fri Jun 1 11:03:17 PDT 2012

If I got this email to get me working even harder to get more of our
gorgeous ev's on the road; well it worked!
Has this martian never heard, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
I traded my Spyder sports in on my first LEAF. I must say it had been my
favorite car till then.

I had to drive my husbands modified C-5 corvette to Olympia yesterday
while leaving my 2 leaf's and the modified C-6 at home. I absolutely hated
the noise of the tires and exhaust. It was a chore for me. When I stopped
to get $55 gas (the cost of 5000 miles of electricity in one the leaf's)
the guys at the station went gaga! these are beautiful cars! But again
beauty is in the eye of the beholder.I would rather of been in my quiet
Leaf doing business on the bluetooth phone. Something that can't be done
in the Vette's
I was not happy that the folks who have the purse strings on the 2.2
billion dollars for the EVSE infrastructure have not put in any DC fast
chargers that will allow me to drive to Olympia, And I let them know just
that. O, there are two Aeroviroment chargers at the Wendys in Centrailla;
but neither one was operable.

Enough time wasted on loser Martians, I got roads that need ev charging
stations for our BEAUTIFUL EV's

Rhonda Walton

*Think before you print

On 6/1/12 9:10 AM, "Greg Long" <greglongoregon at gmail.com> wrote:

>A friend alluded to a reasonable question, why electric cars don't
>perform and are so unappealing.
>The engineering answer is easy for the lower-priced set, but the
>design is a tougher question. I suggested outside the luxury models,
>economy cars are designed that way so their styling does not compete
>with the pricier mor profitable models. What do you guys think?
>"Chrysler Admits: Electric Fiat 500 Is Compliance Car We Don't Want To
>by John Voelcker
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