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I also received a confirmation in the mail, and I listed OEVA as my "club". 




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Greetings OEVA members and friends,


Just a quick update and reminder about the Sherwood Cruise-In coming up next
weekend - June 9th:


We have received confirmations for the following cars:

-       The White Zombie from Plasma Racing (plus an interesting assortment
of various other EVs)

-       BMW 325 from Bob Simpson

-       Fiats from Richard and J. Bills

-       Ford Ranger from Brad

-       And several production EVs


There is room for more and the show management has offered to put us all in
the same area - provided we are ready and grouped up early Saturday morning
- 4:45 a.m.


And here are the Cruise-In notes:

-       Date and Time: June 9th - The show runs all day Saturday closing
after the awards ceremony at around 4:00 pm.

-       Be there with your car at 4:45 am to assemble so that we can all be
placed together.

-       If needed we can register the day of the Cruise-In, I will bring
extra Registration forms.

-       Those who wish to can be part of the competition which places you in
a group of similar cars by year and style.

-       They are going to put us in the new city area next to the charging
stations and this is where the award ceremony is.

-       There is an additional event on Friday night the day before called
"Friday night Thunder" - remember how loud gas cars can be..



John P. Christian


Oregon Electric Vehicles Association -  Chairperson


(503) 704-2155



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