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Thanks Michael.

As for the radio, there's a manual for it in the THINK owner's pack.

As for the "L1 charger", it's not a charger, it's technically a "portable
charging station" or PCS.

It has no AC/DC conversion or power devices, it mainly does:

1)      An interface between J1772 plug to 120vAC three prong plug

2)      Generates and responds to signaling per J1772 requirements (much of
this is very very simple---e.g. detects the presence of being plugged into a
load (the built-in car charger) by the load presenting a 1.2kohm resistance
between 2 pins.  Once that's detected and there's no issues and the car
charger changes its resistance to the appropriate value, the PCS will then:

3)      Close its relay allowing charging to take place

4)      Displays status with its lights


It's too bad that this is only good for 120v.


Now, evidently some of us received the Leviton PCS units (an $800-900 item
per online search) and others (e.g. me) received the Clipper Creek PCS-15
units (a $700 item)

They do have a Level 2 Portable unit (LCS-25) that retails for ~ $1000.
It's supposedly rated at close to 5kw.



Since it would be worthwhile if Clipper Creek could offer us an upgrade deal
in exchange for our Level 1 portable units, I've sent them a note asking if
they would offer such an upgrade.


I don't suppose the chances are good that the PCS-15 can be modified to work
with 240v.most likely it would create smoke. L


-Myles Twete


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Yeah, the radio.  Not exactly intuitive is it?


I read the auto manual cover to cover last night.  Pretty good overall.


Here's a question:  They gave me a L1 charger that looked different from the
ones I saw in most of the other cars.  Its a large green Levitron.  12 Amp.
Charged 12 hours (starting at 80% full) and never turned itself off.  I can
only imagine that the last bit of power to raise the level from 99% to 100%
is asymptotic: takes an hour to do 1/2% then another hour to do 1/2 of a
1/2, then another hour to do 1/2 of a 1/2 of a 1/2, etc.  When does the
charger know when to turn itself off?



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On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Joseph Lundgren <joe.lundgren at gmail.com>


16-17 hours of L1 charging got my car up to 90% charge.  I don't know
whether this is a function of how low I got the charge (presumably
close to zero) on my batteries, or whether this is normal for my
weather conditions.  My morning 55 MPH commute of 14 miles took
approximately 20% of the charge.

I'm really happy with the car!  Next step: figure out the radio.

--Joe Lundgren

p.s. The printed owner's manual is in the tire-repair kit area, in the
rear storage area.

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> Great video - Thanks
> John P. Christian
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> 20 Think City electric cars were delivered to Portland today. Many of the
> new owners took possession at Electric Ave in Portland. I dropped in and
> made this short video. http://youtu.be/auM_NtZGa7E
> Regards,
> Pat
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