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While I have not worked on a Think. It sounds like your  describing a 
Balancing/Leveling charge. This requires you leave the vehicle  plugged until the 
BMS tops off all cells. This is not going to use much energy  but it can 
take a long time to balance cells. 
If you deeply discharge a pack there is a much greater chance of them  
becoming out of balance. For long life all battery manufacturers recommend not  
to discharge below 80% SOC. If you really want to extend the life of your 
pack  try and keep the SOC between 40% to 80%. It will add thousands of cycles 
to your  pack if your use allows doing so. 
Congratulations to you and all the other Think owners. 
Don Blazer
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Yeah, the radio.  Not exactly  intuitive is it?

I read the auto manual cover to cover last  night.  Pretty good overall.

Here's a question:  They gave me  a L1 charger that looked different from
the ones I saw in most of the other  cars.  Its a large green Levitron.  12
Amp.  Charged 12  hours (starting at 80% full) and never turned itself off.
I can only  imagine that the last bit of power to raise the level from 99%
to 100% is  asymptotic: takes an hour to do 1/2% then another hour to do 1/2
of a 1/2,  then another hour to do 1/2 of a 1/2 of a 1/2, etc.  When does
the  charger know when to turn itself off?


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