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I have a Leaf and a Think and there is a difference in refinement between the two; the Think is not as refined as the Leaf.  However, for $16k, it is priced right and as the British reviewer said, it is a "proper" car.  Here are some pros and cons from my standpoint:

It is very solid, I was pleased on how solid the body is and you can tell it is pretty tight when you close the doors and hatch
It has a LOT of room, especially in the back.  It's like the TARDIS :)
It has driver and passenger airbags, power windows and mirrors, power stearing, great breaks, heat and AC, good stereo (a little lacking on the bass) . . . all the creature comforts like a modern car

The motor is a tad under powered.  However, the driving that I do is mostly surface streets and the car keeps up with everyone no prob.  I just had gotten used to leaving people behind at the line with the Leaf :)
The break vacumn pump is noticable, but not loud.  Again, I was used to the quietness of the Leaf . . . goes back to refinement.
I noticed that my breaks sound a little loud, I am going to have Hawthorne Auto Clinic take a look at it

A note about how I drive the car; when the car is in Economy mode, you get fairly aggressive regeneration when you coast which slows the car down but there is no regen on the breaks themselves.  When you push the break pedel, the calipers close, it doesn't regen.  So you learn how to coast to slow down to about 10mph, then step on the breaks.  Not bad, just different.

So my conversion (costing $12K) is MUCH less of a car than the Think ($16K) which is less of a car than the Leaf ($34K).  Based on price, I'm getting more bang for my buck with the Think.

Bottom line, I'm totally loving the Think.  People keep coming up to me asking if it's a new Fiat :)  At the AT+T store, I had the whole store (workers, clients and even the security guard) checking out the car.  I have about 200 miles on it so far.

Bill Norris-York

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Current and Future Think Owners
I just got a call from the Think salesman and they are setting up a second shipment.  Hope to deliver in a couple weeks.

So as a potential buyer I have to ask - what do people think about these little cars now that they have had them a week?

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Thanks Alan-
Clipper Creek does make a 240v version---I've sent them an inquiry to see if
they'd consider an upgrade/swap for those who want their Level 2 version.

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> I don't suppose the chances are good that the PCS-15 can be modified
> to work with 240v.most likely it would create smoke. L

The Leaf unit is able to be upgraded, so hopefully that one can too.
Maybe evseupgrade.com<http://evseupgrade.com/> can be talked into to doing it if Clipper won't...

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