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Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Mon Jun 4 21:49:14 PDT 2012

Hello to all of my fellow OEVA members.
I just want to report that I had my 12 month service at Allan Webb in
I had 5 stars on all of my reports as well, except for charging while
above 80%. That was 4 stars. I still have not set up my Carwings. MY Bad.
Cost was about $80 maybe more or less.


Rhonda Walton

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On 6/4/12 4:04 PM, "Scott Hippe" <scott.hippe at me.com> wrote:

>Rustom Nissan of Portland which is on 122nd Ave NE just south of Halsey.
>On Jun 4, 2012, at 6:54 PM, Alan Bates <abates at shorepower.com> wrote:
>> Scott, where did you get your 12 month Leaf service at?
>> Alan Bates
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>> Today was the day for my 12 month service.  At the same time, the
>>dealer performed the service campaign which as you recall is a software
>>update to improve the range indicator and also add an alert if the
>>driver's door is ajar while not in Park.
>> In general, the 1 year maintenance consists of a comprehensive EV
>>Battery Usage report, replacing the brake fluid, the in-cabin
>>micro-filter, rotating the tires and then an overall inspection of
>>brakes, cables, joints, linkages, etc.
>> My comments are positive:
>> 1.  The battery usage report is free for the first few years,
>>presumably because Nissan wants
>>    to know how their battery packs are doing in the field.  I assume
>>they collect a lot of data,
>>    but there is very little provided to the customer as feedback other
>>than a rating of 1-5 in
>>    a few key areas like whether you are charging regularly at 80%
>>instead of 100% and not letting
>>    the car sit for a long time with a low state of charge.  I suppose
>>as an analytical type, I
>>    would have liked to see several pages of charts and graphs. Anyway,
>>my pack passed all the tests with 5 stars.
>> 2.  I decided to wait in the waiting room and it took less than 2
>>hours.  If you have an iPad, it is
>>    not hard to pass the time and get some work done.
>> 3.  There were no issues with any of the parts on the car that were
>> 4.  My cost was $49.95.  Your dealer may quote more, primarily if
>>he/she replaces the in-cabin
>>    micro-filter.  Most new cars have one these days and I see this as a
>>big profit center for the
>>    dealer.  Since my Leaf has just under 11,000 miles, I asked that it
>>not be replaced this year
>>    and they had absolutely no problem with that.  So after one year, it
>>is proven that the maintenance
>>    cost of a BEV is minimal.  I know that next month's annual service
>>of my Jetta will be over $200.00.
>> 5.  The one year maintenance schedule calls for a tire rotation.  Since
>>I rotated last at 7500 miles, I asked
>>    the dealer not to rotate them now.  I prefer to wait until the
>>15,000 mile point so that my tires get the
>>    optimum level of wear.  It is also easier to keep track that way.
>> Scott
>> On Feb 17, 2012, at 3:31 PM, Brian Lockhart wrote:
>>> We (LEAF drivers) will all be anxious to hear the results of the
>>> battery check.  I hope you will share it.
>>> Brian Lockhart
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>>> In 3 weeks will be the 1 year anniversary of my Leaf. Among the
>>> service items is the annual 'Battery Usage Report' which Nissan
>>> includes in the warranty.  Has anyone had this done yet?  I am curious
>>> which dealers even know how to do this.
>>> Scott
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