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I saw the piece.  They did not mention that there is an average of 30
gasoline car fires every day. And I have brought the lack of getting the
facts correct up at many of the EV events  including after electric avenue
opened and almost every report had something askew  or completely wrong..
The  FCC or cable commission may be a place to start. Who takes care of
retractions for the newspapers?
While we are at it, why don't we get a retraction from Gov. Gregiour on
stating that there are 10 charging stations in WA. And two more in the next
two weeks. 
I had to drive a ICE vehicle to Olympia last week and leave the leafs at
So sad
O' and if I am not mistaken there was an commercial promoting clean coal
during the segment, but then I have been wrong before.
Rhonda Walton

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This past Saturday CBS evening news aired a feature segment on how EVs just
weren¹t going to make it..  They cited the recent recall, high price and
weak market for the newly released Fisker Karma (no mention of the Leaf),
it¹s expensive, and implied unwise, federal subsidies, and oh yes, it¹s
batteries catch fire too.  And then, it doesn¹t end there either.   A123 got
a gob of cash from the feds.  Of course these clueless stalking horses for
the petroleum industry introduced the segment by calling the Karma another
failed ³hybrid².  Now isn¹t there some industry advocacy organization,
perhaps Plug-In America, who can expose and call the likes of CBS, with a
loud clear voice, on such blatant propaganda?  This CBS piece was
particularly egregious.
Nick Galaday
     Vernonia, OR 
         Energy conservation--
                    saves more than energy!
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