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Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
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Not sure what this has to do with CALB cells.?

Regarding Clipper Creek's (CC) chargers, yeah, most(?) of the THINKs that
arrived here in Portland a week ago included the Level 1 portable chargers
from Clipper.  Unfortunately, we have found since that THINK cars pretty
much need to be charged with Level 2 chargers at least occasionally.  I
asked CC if they'd offer an exchange of our new Level 1 portable chargers in
upgrade to their LCS25, but the best they'll offer is a $250 discount on the
LCS25 if we get at least 10 buyers together.  So there's the offer if folks
want to jump for it.

I'm opting to finally install my Edison EVI Level 2 EVSE station and
replacing the charge connector with a $125 J1772 connector.

Aside from that, there's the EVSEUpgrade option, which is about $350 to mod
a CC Lvl1 to a Level 2 portable charger.

My preference would be to buy a DIY kit to upgrade my own CC1 unit.my bet is
EVSEUpgrade won't offer that.


-Myles Twete

-New THINK owner.


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Here is what Don of  Clipper Creek has avail and what is coming soon as  new
chargers for the Think's.


2> Don Francis . Rhonda, let me know what their needs are. I would suggest
the LCS-25 which sells for $995 and will provide up to 20 amps at either 208
or 240 volts single phase. Currently available as a hard wired permanently
mounted unit but soon to be available with your choice of plug for portable
use as well.




Rhonda Walton





*Think before you print


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If anyone is interested I have left over cells from the group buy in both
40Ah and 100Ah 


Contact me off list. 


Don Blazer


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