[Oeva-list] tax issues.

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Tue Jun 12 08:59:43 PDT 2012

From: Alan Batie <alan at batie.org> writes:
> Key requirements I see are:
> * option for monthly estimated payments, synced to reality when you
> renew your registration
> * gps option only charges miles in-state
> * non-gps option allows for deducting miles out of state with light
> proof requirements and heavy penalties for perjury
> * money goes entirely to road maintenance fund

There is NO chance with the list of participants mentioned above that
the money will go exclusively to road maintenance. Just look at the
"photo radar" program if you have any doubts.

This MUST be a government only function. (So that we have the option to
throw the bums out, should they stray too far from the reservation.)

It's easy enough to put an odometer on cars, even EV's that is fairly
secure. Have drivers report their milage quarterly, and pay their tax,
on line. When cars show up at DEQ when their license is renewed, then
sych up what the driver claims to have driven with what the car indicates.
Have everybody show up at DEQ, and add a safety inspection (tires, lights,
brakes) to what they do now so that there is a good reason for ALL vehicles
to go to DEQ every couple of years. On "new" cars have the odometer readable
by the CAN bus so that data collection is easy.

If you WANT to pay taxes only to the states you drive in, then you must
buy and use at your own expense a tracker, which should agree within some
reasonable margin of error, with the odometer.. (This would be an incentive
for states to compete for LOWER tax rates!)

As much as I love living in Oregon, I'd look at leaving if they screw this
up too badly.

There is nothing in the formulation of our system of government that
provides for the "privatization" of government functions. And it's intentional
that we be able to reject the policies of that government by voting it's
leaders OUT.


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