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*Top Story ========================================
Portland based MotoCzysz Wins TT Zero Isle of Man Race!

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ==========================*
o ODOT at our June meeting re Road User Fees, June 14 http://fb.me/1ANk20tvK
o Driving on Sunshine June 19 http://fb.me/1DpXFPjXZ
o EV Roadmap 5 on June 22 http://goo.gl/WucVH
o TTXGP Zero and EV Live June 23-24 http://goo.gl/QQkfc
o Tesla Model S test drives July 20 (Reservation Holders Only)

*Media  ===========================================*
o photos: OEVA at Cruisin' Sherwood 2012 http://fb.me/16D9o1yit
o photos: Gassers at Cruisin' Sherwood 2012 http://fb.me/1I5YgPcnE
o photo: Wenatchee, WA gets all-electric public bus system
o video: Private Arctic Launch Party Goes Wrong http://fb.me/2cg4ijuDZ
o video: Amazing Oregon High School Solar Car Racer http://fb.me/18z17l2Sv
o video: What is the Ragone curve and why does it matter to your batteries?
o video: Hillsboro, Oregon man's homebuilt Morgen 3Eman electric 3-wheeler
o cartoon: To those that complain about EV tax credits http://goo.gl/TeQvb
o video: Oregon high-school students make solar racer http://fb.me/13vSW8Yn0
o photo: Charging up at the Corvallis Fred Meyer http://fb.me/1VI3WgBt3

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o GPS tax: The terrible that just won't die http://fb.me/14IB2ofuJ
o Drive Oregon hands out nearly $150,000 of EV grants http://fb.me/1VyzIfe91
o Enterprise Rent-A-Car installs OpConnect charging stations
o West Coast Electric Highway in CHARGED Magazine http://fb.me/1ZV66JTpF
o Ashland Police Department now using Brammo Enertias http://goo.gl/fXxog
o Oregon Governor's Ten Year Energy Plan makes EVs a goal

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
 o Honda Fit electric gets record 118 mpg-e rating http://fb.me/Scl8aoom
o Nissan lowers lease price on the Leaf http://fb.me/19v7ZqpLP
o Nissan Quick Charger launches http://fb.me/1FeziOmQS
o 2013 Chevrolet Volt Boosts EV Range to 38 Miles http://fb.me/1K8OnDGsB
o Chevy Volt Plug-In Sales Surge In CA, Outsells 'Vette Too

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