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Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Sun Jun 10 21:14:13 PDT 2012

To all of my fellow OEVA members.

 I explained to Don @ Clipper Creek the situation with the Think 's and
their chargers earlier this week.
I thought  it would be good to establish a relationship
 I  thought  I had forwarded  that email to all of you members.

Opps!  MY BAD.

With that being said.  I would  be glad to look  Into chargers  with other
evse  companies. 

I just ordered my first chargers last week,  YEA!
Rhonda Walton

*Think before you print

From:  Myles Twete <matwete at comcast.net>
Date:  Sunday, June 10, 2012 12:27 PM
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Subject:  Re: [Oeva-list] New CALB cells

Not sure what this has to do with CALB cellsŠ?
Regarding Clipper Creek¹s (CC) chargers, yeah, most(?) of the THINKs that
arrived here in Portland a week ago included the Level 1 portable chargers
from Clipper.  Unfortunately, we have found since that THINK cars pretty
much need to be charged with Level 2 chargers at least occasionally.  I
asked CC if they¹d offer an exchange of our new Level 1 portable chargers in
upgrade to their LCS25, but the best they¹ll offer is a $250 discount on the
LCS25 if we get at least 10 buyers together.  So there¹s the offer if folks
want to jump for it.
I¹m opting to finally install my Edison EVI Level 2 EVSE station and
replacing the charge connector with a $125 J1772 connector.
Aside from that, there¹s the EVSEUpgrade option, which is about $350 to mod
a CC Lvl1 to a Level 2 portable charger.
My preference would be to buy a DIY kit to upgrade my own CC1 unitŠmy bet is
EVSEUpgrade won¹t offer that.
-Myles Twete
-New THINK ownerŠ

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Here is what Don of  Clipper Creek has avail and what is coming soon as  new
chargers for the Think's.


Don Francis 
2>  € Rhonda, let me know what their needs are. I would suggest the LCS-25
which sells for $995 and will provide up to 20 amps at either 208 or 240
volts single phase. Currently available as a hard wired permanently mounted
unit but soon to be available with your choice of plug for portable use as




Rhonda Walton


www.evo2go.com <http://www.evo2go.com>



*Think before you print


From: <Theoldcars at aol.com>
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012 10:08 PM
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Subject: [Oeva-list] New CALB cells


If anyone is interested I have left over cells from the group buy in both
40Ah and 100Ah 


Contact me off list.


Don Blazer

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