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Thanks for the article, somehow with all of the blogs and post I follow,
this is the first I saw or heard of this.
Do you think that, this is the reason that WA State Dept of Transportation
and the WA Governor are touting that we have 12 charging stations along the
1-5  and that, as of next week and 10 of them are DC fast chargers.
I can not get to the state capital from here in Vancouver,
Hmmm? I have to agree with you. I have said repeatedly that no one is on the
case requiring the news and print to get the facts correct, nor have I seen
on retraction of correction. I would say that on average, 80% of the fact
are incorrect on TV.
Rhonda Walton

*Think before you print

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It could be a lot worse.   They could be claiming that EV's are more popular
than they are.

As soon as the electric car haters "think" EVs are popular, they are going
to start whining and whinging about road tax "fairness" again and try whip
the public into a
frenzy and portray the electric car drivers as "a horde of
road-ruining-tax-cheats".    Never mind the actual numbers, or actual damage
to roads.   It's an emotional
response, just like this stupid CBS report.

I'd way rather take some stupid criticism that I can smugly ignore while
saving thousands of dollars, than some government idiots trying to invade my
privacy with GPS
tracking tax scheme because EV's are becoming "too popular".

It could be a lot worse.........and these GPS-"tracker-taxers" are just
itching for any excuse to implement it as an "experiment" on EV drivers,
before forcing it
on the world and trying to turn public highways built at taxpayer expense,
into a "private-for-profit-toll-road-system" controlled by a select few at
"Department of Transportation" incorporated with various private
corporations making the technology that we will then be herded to purchase
and forced to deal
with.    These private companies will make the tracking systems and also get
contracts to collect the revenue.     Pretty soon I can be complaining about
road-tax bill to "acme-road-tax-is-US-A" incorporated over my cell phone to
the local call center in bangladesh while I stay on hold for 3 hours because
claim I drove 250,000 miles last week, and I now owe them $14,067
dollars...and my car license and my description is being sent via interpol
so their
local goon affiliates (i.e. Corvallis Police Department) can steal my car
and auction it off.   But if I feel that is unfair, then I can hire a lawyer
for $14,066
and contest them in court 8 months from now....as long as I don't use the
public roads in the meantime...(that would be "unfair" because I didn't pay
my "tax")

So, as long as I sit on my private property and don't use the public roads
for the next 8 months, I can have my day in court.   Of course I'll be fired
and starve to
death in the meantime, but hey, our system of justice is the "fairest in the
world" right, and we can't just let people use the roads for free.   It
would be total chaos, with people
walking and bicycling and whistling and enjoying freedom and public right of
ways, and god forbid we'd occasionally have a pothole we have to fill up.
No way, this is
going to happen on "MY" watch.   Nope, I'm going to embed a tracking collar
into every living thing and force them to pay their "fair share" OR ELSE.
We must
stop freedom at any cost.

I wish I was just being paranoid...you can read their actual plans here.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is going.   Basically a
giant complicated, bureaucratic toll-itarian toll system that drastically
limits our freedom
to use the roads, to replace a very simple gas tax which allows great
freedom of public highway system that was built with taxpayer dollars.
for "fairness", because heavy big gas guzzlers are treated
"unfairly"....awwwwhh....poor them...having to pay more while squandering
precious natural resources
that are getting rarer and rarer everyday.

I'm not being paranoid either.  I wish I was.  This is a real plan these
idiots won't give up on.   Their jobs literally depend on proposing a new
way of  generating revenue, the
more radical and complicated, the better.  They have to keep portraying the
current gas tax as "unfair", in order to keep themselves from being fired.
So they need to keep proposing new radical, "progressive" ways of funding.
Their department is called the "road user charge pilot program"

You can read their actual plans here.

This attempt to claim moral authority of "fairness" is bullcrap.  What's
next?  Perhaps claiming "car-poolers" are getting an "unfair" advantage
because they pay the same tax/mile as the poor guy who drives alone in his
car?....After all, he has to pay 4 times more tax passenger/mile
than the guy with 3 passengers.

Surely this is "unfair" also?    Let us of the "Road User Charge Task
Force", now decide to stop evil "car-poolers".
I guess I can just be thankful these idiots didn't decide to go after the
tax-dodging bicyclists first.   Those guys (bicyclists)  are "unfair" also.

Again, I'm not being paranoid.  They almost succeeded last time and to some
extent, appear to have the public support of the legislature.   And they are
still desperately
 trying to implement their evil, idiotic, expensive, impractical and
unnecessary ideas

 As sad as it is, to let CBS slide, I'd actually rather have them saying
EV's are unpopular than the other way around where people claim EV's are
more popular than they really are and risk giving ammunition to the

If we don't halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be
done for us by nature, brutally and without pity - and will leave a ravaged
Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall 023934

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I saw the piece.  They did not mention that there is an average of 30
gasoline car fires every day. And I have brought the lack of getting the
facts correct up at many of the EV events  including after electric avenue
opened and almost every report had something askew  or completely wrong..
The  FCC or cable commission may be a place to start. Who takes care of
retractions for the newspapers?
While we are at it, why don't we get a retraction from Gov. Gregiour on
stating that there are 10 charging stations in WA. And two more in the next
two weeks. 
I had to drive a ICE vehicle to Olympia last week and leave the leafs at
So sad
O' and if I am not mistaken there was an commercial promoting clean coal
during the segment, but then I have been wrong before.
Rhonda Walton
www.evo2go.com <http://www.evo2go.com>

*Think before you print

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Subject:  Re: [Oeva-list] CBS gets a BS flag

This past Saturday CBS evening news aired a feature segment on how EVs just
weren¹t going to make it..  They cited the recent recall, high price and
weak market for the newly released Fisker Karma (no mention of the Leaf),
it¹s expensive, and implied unwise, federal subsidies, and oh yes, it¹s
batteries catch fire too.  And then, it doesn¹t end there either.   A123 got
a gob of cash from the feds.  Of course these clueless stalking horses for
the petroleum industry introduced the segment by calling the Karma another
failed ³hybrid².  Now isn¹t there some industry advocacy organization,
perhaps Plug-In America, who can expose and call the likes of CBS, with a
loud clear voice, on such blatant propaganda?  This CBS piece was
particularly egregious.
Nick Galaday
     Vernonia, OR 
         Energy conservation--
                    saves more than energy!
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