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john.p.christian john.p.christian at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 15:38:13 PDT 2012

FYI - looks like the OEVA web site is down temporarily - Alan is working on

Thanks for your patience,

John P. Christian


Oregon Electric Vehicles Association -  Chairperson


(503) 704-2155


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My primary fileserver suffered a major failure friday night and the
backups are proving unusable (the data seems to be there but the
readynas server is not serving it up at at usable rate).  I'm working to
preserve what I can from the disks, but it may not be practical to
recover it.  This includes the mail list, unfortunately, though that is
small enough data that I may be able to recover that from the backups.
I'm evaluating options, but you might want to do the same...

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