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Lawrence Winiarski lawrence_winiarski at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 18:44:59 PDT 2012

You are absolutely correct that EV drivers "help" ICE drivers.   The more EV drivers there are, the

less gasoline is used AND therefore because of the laws of supply and demand, the price of gas will be
lower than it would otherwise.    This will probably have a MUCH greater effect on the actual
price of gas, than piddling 30 cents in road tax would,....which most people don't even notice.   In fact 
I would predict that if in fact 1/2 of drivers switched to an EV, the price of gas might fall at least
$1  Then if you added another 30 cents to the gas tax to make up for it, the ICE driver would
 STILL be saving 70  cents.

I like roads...but I totally disagree with letting ODOT determine what is "fair"...I have no faith at all
in their ability to do this.     ODOT only cares about money and the true complexity of "fairness"
is going to be hopelessly lost.    Maybe it would be "fair" for ODOT to give back the taxpayers
$50,000,000 for what they have wasted in the damn eddyville fiasco.    But I'm sure they aren't
likely to do that.   They think road fairness is a one-way-street.

I can see that in the beginning, not everyone had cars, and user fees were important to "get the roads made"
and the only people that really benefitted in the beginning were a minority.

But now, virtually everyone has a car, and the roads are mostly done.   So what we are really talking about
is maintainance of the roads.   And that is in everyone's interest, no matter how much they drive,
they don't want the bridge falling underneath them.

I personally oppose making everything into a giant toll road.   I think it's oppressive, but
perhaps others disagree.    It doesn't bother me  (unlike some others, who I think are
being ridiculously "petty") to see a bicyclist, or a jogger, or just a guy walking his dog and get all
bent out of shape about how he is "cheating them" for using the roads and not paying for them.
as if they want to jump out and demand that the deadbeat jogger pay him 0.00000000000457 cents
for stealing 1/1000th of his 1/6,000,000 th of the HIS share of the road. (never mind that much of
it was built before he was even born)

Trying to force "fairness" on everyone, is ultimately just going to be some tyrant (like the road user task force)
deciding whats "fair" and whats "not fair"...(like the fact that they want to charge EV's way more than
the equivalent gas car) and the only way they are going to get their way, is to make 
draconian penalties for failure to "follow the law".    And it will be an inexorable law of human nature that
the rich and powerful will have more influence than the rest of us as to determining "fairness".

Which is why THESE private-for-profit companies are being touted as being in on the process and they aren't even asking us.
	1. Accenture 
	2. ACS
	3. Banc Pass
	4. Battelle
	5. Brisa
	6. CS America
	7. Drive Sync
	9. GMV
	10. IBI
	11. IBM
	12. Infosys/Skymeter
	13. INRIX
	14. Intel
	15. Kapsch
	16. Octo Telematics
	17. Oracle
	18. Raytheon
	19. Samsung/FS
	20. Sanef
	21. Savari
	22. Siemens
	23. Telanon
	24. Telvent
	25. Tollink
	26. Tollplus
	27. Transcore
	28. Verizon
(Is there a SINGLE one of these companies that is an EV company?   I don't recognize one (except
perhaps you could make the argument that Siemens supplies EV motors....anyone help me with this?)

And you can bet your ass this "fairness" is  going to be exploitable by all sorts of corporations.    In last
years proposal, they put a special allowance to allow 5000 private NON EV vehicles to be able to stop paying fuel tax
and pay instead the EV amount.......That ought to smell absolutely ROTTEN to anyone with a brain as it's
pretty obvious these would be the extreme gas-guzzlers who want to save money and pretend they
are EV's....The fact that ODOT even put this in quietly, should tell you that in regards to "Fairness", they are
perfectly willing to put in all sorts of corporate loop holes.

Is it really so wrong to let EV's then drive without paying the gas tax?   As I said before, we also DO pay
for roads in other ways.   (i.e. the gas tax is just one of the ways that the roads are paid for)

The average citizen doesn't want "fairness" as dolled out by ODOT.    So they are using EV's as a way to try
to get a toe-hold into their grand toll-road scheme, that they can gradually foist upon the taxpayer.

I say let the taxpayers decide when they want to start charging EV's and fuel efficient cars, if ever.   My guess is
 they support us.   They might not like paying an extra penny or so at the pump in increased gas taxes (which 
would actually put us in line with Washington and California) but they sure as hell don't want to start doing odometer 
readings and GPS toll roads even worse.   And the ridiculous complexity for plug-in-hybrids should NOT be allowed
be ignored.   ODOT will surely massively screw that up big time.

And if we can convince them, that this is ODOT's TRUE intentions for ALL CARS, then I believe we will prevail.

If we don't, then we will be responsible for turning Oregon into a toll-road state....with repercussions for the whole

IMHO the oregon gas tax has always stood for TWO things.
1)  fund the roads
2) encourage conservation

ODOT want's to totally ignore #2 and try to get the public to only care about #1.     I say the public isn't going to buy it.
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