[Oeva-list] DC quick charger in Ridgefield Washington is up and runnung

Karl Boekelheide OEVA at boekelheide.com
Wed Jun 20 19:47:21 PDT 2012

For the curious there are 4 AV chargers shown for Ridgefield.  

Two of them are level 2 at the rest area, exit 11, on the northbound side.  There is none on the south bound side.  At exit 14, State Road 501, there is  a level 2 and level 3.  There's nice signage until you hit the T at the bottom of the ramp on the east side.  All the action looks like it's to the right.  You want to go left down the dead end which has an Arco station and The Country Cafe.  The chargers are in back of and to the right of the cafe.  They are easy to see from the road once you get near the cafe.  

The level 3 worked very nicely (as usual for AV) and the folks in the cafe are friendly and curious.

I think Seattle is within reach although without any tolerance for error in a Leaf.  It's 70 miles from Ridgefield to Centralia and the only level 3 in Seattle is a Blink.  We'll be giving it a try later this summer to friends in south Seattle.
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