[Oeva-list] Fw: SolWest Renewable Energy Fair July 27-29 program on the web

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The charging stations in Detroit Lake and Sisters on Hwy 22 in OR were in
last week but were not operational yet.
They were level 2 and DC fast chargers at both locations.
I am selling a charger that will charge a 2012 Leaf at a mile a min and a
2011 a mile every 3 min.
We can take it along.
Rhonda Walton

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Some info on the John Day or bust trip.  Do we have any other EV Pioneers
that dare cross the dessert in a EV?  Any EVers out their that can make the
tripp?  We leave on Thursday the 26 of July and will be back in P town on
Monday the 30th.
So far we have John, Gary, Ronda and Ray.  Also Phil as a nondriver.
Charging points are, Cascade Locks, Dufer, Condon, Fossil, Dayville and John
Info on the Sowest Fair is below.
Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.
Email: oeva_treas at yahoo.com
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 SolWest Renewable Energy Fair July 27-29 program on the web
e-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> SolWest program guide
Hello friends, 
The full SolWest Fair program has been posted on the web at
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> . This year¹s SolWest is an incomparable educational
event featuring keynote speaker Portland architect Kathy Bash. The Oregon
Electric Vehicle Association is planning another all-electric trip to
SolWest with up to 6 vehicles. We have 53 workshops
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> , 32 exhibitors
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> , a Swap Meet
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> , 3 pre-SolWest professional workshops
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> , and a pole-frame building party at the Community
Garden; as well as many ways to observe and get hands-on experience with
renewable energy and sustainable living technologies. There is no better
opportunity in the Northwest for learning and networking with other
renewable energy enthusiasts!
Check out our online program
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332>  (including the printable pdf version
-05ef9b6?pa=9919321332> ), and let me know if I can answer any questions. If
you haven¹t contacted us in over two years, and you wish to receive a
printed fair program in the mail, please email back with your current
mailing address.
See you at SolWest!
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