[Oeva-list] Prius Plug-In?

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Wed Jun 27 14:07:29 PDT 2012

Our old motto was "it ain't electric if you can't plug it in".  Thinking in those terms and the fact that volt and PIP owners are out there maxing their electric range, sure, they're welcome.

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Subject: [Oeva-list] Prius Plug-In?
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 1:54 pm

Hi everyone!

I apologize if this has been asked before; I have been following the
list for some weeks and also looked around the website and was unable
to find an answer.

Is a Prius Plug-In and its driver welcome in this community? I know
it's far from a 100% EV; still, I do make as much use of the charging
and EV capabilities as I can.

Jamie Lawson

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