[Oeva-list] Gasless in Seattle

Judith judith.huck at comcast.net
Thu Sep 6 06:56:22 PDT 2012

Alan, Thanks for sharing your adventure. After looking through your pics I
feel like I went to Seattle with you. :) (and had a great time!)  Very
educational re the heating and charger locations.  Thanks!
Judith Huck
2012 Glacier Pearl

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There's a lot of non-EV pictures I thought about weeding out, but what the
heck...  Here's the trip report for 630 miles to Seattle and back over Labor
Day weekend:


The short of it is that you can, and want, to skip a couple of the charging
stations to avoid battery heating.  With ambient temperature having the
batteries at 5-6 bars, and each good fast charge raising the temp a bar, 3
charges in a row is pretty much the limit, and not very often at that.  The
Leaf really needs some active cooling on the batteries...but it *can* be

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