[Oeva-list] Ecotality EV Project

Judith judith.huck at comcast.net
Thu Sep 6 20:58:43 PDT 2012

Hi Cory,
We had a Level 2 Blink charger installed in our garage in December 2011
through the Ecotality EV Project.  It's worked perfectly, no problems at
all.  I like that it tells me how much my last charge cost me.  I appreciate
that it was free too.
Judith Huck
2012 Leaf SL
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Has anyone here participated in the Ecotality EV Project where you get a
free level 2 Blink charger? I'm considering it, but I've read mixed reviews
of the quality of their EVSEs. Has anyone here participated and if you did
how well do the units work?
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