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I have found the same. 

It seems that many dealerships are taking a wait-and-see approach to EVs; that is, not investing the time/resources into training. 

If a car salesman can't answer basic questions about the vehicles they are selling, the market will likely stall.  

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I'll stop by Rustom Nissan & tell them about the Plug-In America weekend coming up.  Perhaps we can help some of the salespeople get enthused and informed about EV's.  Is there a flyer about the weekend events available for downloading?
Thank you,

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hi judith. i took my Leaf in for a slow tire leak and found the same to be true by the Service Mgr.  In fact, he told me that Leafs with Fast Chargers on them, as mine, won't be guaranteed and that Nissan won't honor the the Warranty on the batteries if a Leaf has a Fast Charger onboard. He went on and on about how bad the Fast Charger was for my batteries. It was just all so negative I couldn't wait to get out of there. Also, I have talked to a number of sales people, and found the same thing to be true about what you relayed. It's sad.

On 9/10/12, Judith Huck <judith.huck at comcast.net> wrote:
> My local Nissan dealer performed the 7500 mile checkup on my Leaf last 
> week.
> While waiting I talked to the salespeople, including a manager, about 
> the Leaf.  They knew very little about it, how a driver would go about 
> charging, about charging options, cost to charge up, etc.  Then they 
> said they have about 30 for sale.  I counted 19 in their back lot.
> I encouraged them to learn about the Leaf.  If they think potential 
> car buyers will walk in their showroom and of all the options 
> available pick a Leaf, they're wrong.  The public needs educating 
> about electric cars and the dealer needs to understand and promote 
> them if they are to be successful.
> Do the local Nissan dealers get involved in the OEVA events?  Do they 
> attend events to learn more about "their" cars?
> Thanks,
> Judith Huck
> 2012 Leaf

Anne Perretta

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