[Oeva-list] Timberline lodge

Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Mon Sep 10 20:14:26 PDT 2012

Today I used the Blink DCQC in Sandy to make it up to Timberline lodge in my Leaf.   That's just about the limit.  I told the Blink to charge to 100% and stopped it when I had 11 bars.  The Blink said it was 99% and had been saying that for a long time.  I'm guessing I was about 95% since it had been at 11 bars for about 5 minutes.  The prognosticator said I had 68 miles.  That quickly changed to 82 when I got back out on US 26.  At Government Camp I think I had about 35 on the guestimator and 5 or 6 bars.  At Timberline I was at 6 miles and 2 bars.  When I came back from playing around one of the bars had disappeared.  Still 6 miles though.  When I got back to Sandy I was back at 1 bar and 10 miles.  On the trip down I never had more than 2 bars even though the guessometer got up to 38.  

I was very easy on the driving.  On the way up I stayed just under the speed limits. I didn't go over 52 at any time.  At Timberline road I dropped to 35 mph and stayed there the whole way up.  At the top I was using 1 bar per mile.  Coming back I coasted down the Timberline road, often only going 20.  There was only one car behind me that I let pass.  Timberline road is a whole lot less steep than the Mary's Peak road.  With the exception of a couple 25 mph curves I didn't use the brakes.  On US 26 I stayed right at the speed limit.

Trying to go up there in the winter probably isn't doable unless you go much slower and forgo heat.  Government Camp should be just fine.  If you stayed the night at Huck's or someplace that would let you charge overnight and could convince someone at the lodge to let you plug in too you might be able to go skiing there.

All I have is this low res cell phone photo.  I forgot to take a camera.

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