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Yes, that's true, but in addition they could provide a website where you could not only report the outage (and generate numbers reflecting how many people WANT to use it) but generate a return response request. 

OR with a barcoded charger and a phone app, it could all be done with two clicks and no card.   Assuming one click is starting the app. 

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That assumes the device is able to read your card. 
On Tue, 2012-09-11 at 15:09 +0000, CraigSchaefer wrote: 
> Something for service providers to think about would be to take your 
> information (e-mail address would suffice) from reading your card, 
>  and send you a note when the charger is repaired, so you could go 
> back to your normal charging routines. 
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> > I'm going to guess the discrepency is because Blink's DC Fast 
> Chargers 
> > don't work. It's hard to justify charging people an annual fee to 
> use 
> > defective equipment. Now, if they had a method of refunding money to 
> > users every time they tried to use an non-working station... 
> It would be nice to track the failure modes - the one time I stopped 
> at 
> the Hollywood fred meyer, it just needed a dialog window cleared.  The 
> one I've actually used, in Seattle, was actually working pretty well. 
> But I am glad that the Salem one should be operational soon, as that 
> gives two chances to make it to Portland without undue delays if one 
> is 
> broken... 
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