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*Editor's Note ========================================
Many of you may not know why I do this news digest every week and provide
content on our social media feeds everyday. Today, September 11th, is an
appropriate day to share my reason for being an EV driver & advocate. I
served in the US Army and was deployed to Iraq during Desert Storm. I was
thankful that war ended quickly, but even then it was apparent that there
would be more conflicts. We, all modern civilization, have an addiction to
oil. As with any addiction, the cure is *never* more supply, but that is
all the addict seeks, at any cost. In 2001, when the 9/11 attacks happened,
I, like all Americas, was devastated and furious, but what could I do? I
donated blood and money to the Red Cross. Banging the drums of war seemed
futile ... Instead we bought a Prius, then in 2007 I bought a Chevy S10 EV.
It had only 40 miles of range. I was amazed how much of my driving could be
done with this short of a range. Now I drive a Nissan Leaf and the
"short" 100 mile range is very comfortable. I see this effort as a way to
spread the word that there are alternatives. Don't wait for solutions to
come to you; find them, make them, adapt them, use them, now.

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ==============================*
o online conference EV Market & Infrastructure Outlook Sept 13
o Solar Oregon SUNday Extravaganza shows Solar Taxi Sept 16
o OEVA will be hosting a National Plug In Day event in Portland
o Chevy Volt Ride & Drive in Beaverton Oct 9 http://goo.gl/S36Wv
o Green Transportation Conference in Portland Wednesday October 24

*Media  ===========================================*
o Nissan LEAF at Timberline Lodge http://fb.me/1ABjJVQH0
o Portland National Plug In Day will be here: http://fb.me/1VxLe1846
o Portland's EV charging network on Transport Evolved Ep.117
o Turning Old Gas Guzzlers into EVs http://fb.me/1fScsLmuI
o Electric Car Revolution documentary free on YouTube http://fb.me/1xupfUGCp

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o Arcimoto will build 15 EVs for more testing http://fb.me/1guK02Phq
o Invasion of the EVs Slated for Sept. 23 http://fb.me/1sd9YnuGS
o Small steps can move Oregon forward in electric transportation
o In Portland bikes rule the road http://fb.me/LY0QvOjo
o Buoy off Oregon Coast puts wave power to work http://fb.me/26Awzs0id
o Quick Chargers: Ignore The Charge Percent! http://fb.me/1nbOZjxfz
o Portland based BOXX launches Kickstarter campaign http://fb.me/w0OSUZ2S
o Oregon coast charges ahead with DC fast charge stations
o Medford Providence Medford Medical Center gets EV charging stations
o Sign the petition to extend tax incentives to plug-in conversions

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o Lightning Motors makes electric superbike http://goo.gl/cqrJN
o FedEx gets amped about electrifying its step vans http://fb.me/2fRFMIBzx
o Kleenspeed EV-X11 Sets Another Lap Record http://fb.me/1Y1EXixR3
o Most EV drivers go 1,050 miles per month for just $30
o Mitsu hits Leaf head on, Mitsu driver dead on scene, Leaf occupants OK
o EV Adoption Gaining Traction http://fb.me/7spX8rMAb
o Honda's first Plug-in Hybrid - 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in
o Honda Fit EV a champ, but not easy to get http://fb.me/2eIxo69Xc
o The future of electric cars: lighter vehicles, more range
o Smith Electric Vehicles prices initial public offering
o 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Sedan http://fb.me/1D7Gk4QuM
o Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid announced http://fb.me/1bdAmCqEL

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