[Oeva-list] 320 miles, 6 DEQC and scenery to boot

Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Wed Sep 12 15:15:41 PDT 2012

Yesterday I took a nice ride though the middle Cascades in the LEAF.
This was my loop:
I stopped at the Blink in Woodburn twice: first and last charge.  The
other 4 were the AV - Aerovironment in Detroit Lake, Blue River,
Springfield and Halsey.  It was a really nice ride.  I was a little
nervous about the leg from Woodburn to Detroit because it's a bunch of
up and down to route 22 then all up hill.  That first charge was the
only one I did over 80%.  It just hit 11 bars so I'm guessing about 92%.
When I arrived in Detroit it had a full 1 bar.  I drove the whole leg at
about 45 or less.  I sped up or pulled over when someone came up behind.
My conclusion is Detroit isn't doable from Woodburn if you just want to
drive 55 the whole way.   Doing the loop in the other direction might

Salem sure would be a nice place to have DCQC.  I wonder why it'll be
the last one installed.

I was very curious to see what the battery temperature did.  I've
concluded that between 5 and 6 bars on the temp gauge is 20C or 68F.
This is because I always see 5 bars in the morning unless it's a hot day
and the garage is over 68 all night.  Then I see 6.  If it's a cool
morning it'll drop back to 5 as I drive around.  Of the 6 quick charges,
after the one in Blue River I saw 7 then it was back down to 6 in
Springfield.  After Halsey it was up at 7 again.  I have no idea what a
bar is?  10 degrees C?  Are they equal size?  Who knows?  Nissan won't
tell you.  Wouldn't a simple number be nice for Temp and SOC?

I attribute the lack of overheating like Alan sees to my rarely filling
it above 80% and rarely letting the SOC go below what I think is 20%.
Your only good indicator are the bars in the car.  Even though I think
the car is telling the chargers where it is, what comes out on the
screen is useless and completely wrong.  The AV's usually stop with 89%
showing but there are only 7 bars.  But not always.  Sometimes they keep
going and I've stopped them at it showing 98% and somewhere above 11
bars.  You should watch either physically or on your computer or phone.
It's just a hunch but I think charging to under 80% and keeping the
charge above 20% leads to long life and happiness.  Ask me in 8 years.

Driving slowly makes all the difference to range, of course.  When I got
to Springfield my trip average was 5.5 miles per Kwh.  Driving up to
Portland on the Freeway at 60-64 was somewhere around 4mpk.
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