[Oeva-list] A Nissan Leaf was hit head-on by a driver

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Thu Sep 13 09:50:51 PDT 2012

>From the SEVA list. 
I highly recommend taking a look at all the following links. The  last link 
is very interesting as drivers talk about how they were trying to  slow the 
driver down while calling 911. This was a very bad accident  that had other 
drivers on the road trying to prevent this from  happening.  
The other car had been forced to slow down to 40 miles an hour but they  
don't say the speed of the Leaf. Since its a highway and the  Leaf driver did 
not see the Mitsubishi I would assume the  Leaf was near the speed limit.
The safety factor is another reason to buy a Leaf. Its what I told my wife  
when I signed the lease for my daughter. They are a very safe vehicle to be 
in  if your in a collision. 
Don Blazer

(http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20120830/NEWS01/708309789/0/SEARCH)  (With  
amazing photos)

Aftermath video:


The  four people in the Leaf survived, the other driver did not. The Leaf
driver  and her daughter wrote nice notes to their local paper thanking
everyone who  helped, and expressing their appreciation of being in their
"safest  car."



Also, the gasser caught fire, fortunately  quickly extinguished.

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