[Oeva-list] Blink is charging for L2 now

Jay Donnaway jray3 at aol.com
Thu Sep 13 12:11:56 PDT 2012

Under state utilty laws Blink is not allowed to resell electricity, only time.  I think that the fees were set for parity with gasoline.  At about 15 miles per hour of L2 charging, that $2 fee comes out to about half a gallon of fuel, which would get you about 15 miles in a decent sedan.  
It calculated out much the same against current fuel prices when ChargePoint started selling charge time much earlier this year.  
I'm trying to support the public charging business whenever I actually need it, such as for a night on the town or trip to the museum.  I just brokered a deal to put Blinks outside my office, but will only use those when actually needed!  With 2x my round trip commute in available range, I rarely plug in, and Level 1 will replace my morning commute by lunchtime if needed.  
Jay Donnaway

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