[Oeva-list] Leaf (etc.) sales

Nick nickgaladay at msn.com
Fri Sep 14 23:37:05 PDT 2012

Dealerships need to be prodded.  I tried to rent a hybrid, any hybrid, in
all of Cleveland, OH (the birthplace of the electric car) last week and had
to cut a special arrangement with a Toyota dealer for a Prius V.  I'm not
talking about BEVs or EREVs.  None of the Chevy dealers would or could rent
me a Volt.  Though I understand they are apparently now trying to dump Volts
via very low cost leases.  They could be selling the hell out of these
things if they knew anything about them!  Renting them is one way to
familiarize potential buyers before they take the plunge.   The plug-in
hybrids could sell well in ANY market - not having to wait for a charging
infrastructure to be put in place.  I'm sure that's what Chevy had in mind
when they chose to come out with the Volt before their BEV ("Spark" or
whatever it's called).  But first they have to have them in stock and the
sales force can't be clueless.  The naysayers are making hay about the
Volt's low sales and still insist the things burst into flames if you hit a
bump.  Negative talk is building momentum.  The oil companies are winning.
"Battery technology just isn't ready yet."  It makes me angry when even the
dealers don't want to take the time to learn about their EVs.  They have no
incentive.  They can sell all the Armadas, Tundras, F-350s and Suburbans
they want, day in and day out.  Why should they invite trouble...?

Nick Galaday
Vernonia, OR 
The day is fast approaching when we’ll look back at burning stuff in our
cars to make them go as quite quaint,  
Like a Stanley Steamer or riding a horse to school!

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