[Oeva-list] Leaf (etc.) sales

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Sat Sep 15 16:27:12 PDT 2012

I wonder if the reason they are so hard to find in the rental market has
anything to do with the insurance carriers of the policies that the rental
companies use not being "ready" for EV's?

I suspect that there is a bit of a hazard that, drivers not being familiar
with EV's might run so low on charge that they abandon them away from the
rental agencies at a higher rate than standard vehicles.

I know that the company I work for would not pay one thin dime more for
an environmentally friendly vehicle than the lowest rate available, so
business travelers may not be "able" to rent them.

As far as dealers pushing hybrids or EV's... With demand down, they
may have cut the price to the point where the commision to the saleman
is lower than other standard vehicles. Salesmen are probably not going to 
spend the effort to learn how, when the sale results in a smaller paycheck.

In addition to that, there is probably a higher "lookylu" following, where
people just want to test drive it.. but don't close the sale. Potential 
EV drivers may spend longer "researching" their purchase at the dealership
due to it's unfamiliarity.

It may take a "specialty" dealership to get them moving.. one that
concentrates on EV's and hybrids only, with salesmen on salary instead
of commision. If a delership has to discount a EV or hybrid to use one
as a demonstrator.. and sales arn't good, they may be discouraging them
in the first place.

It's also possible that manufacturers are "greenwashing" their fleet
to meet CAFE standards, by having EVs and hybrids they want just for show.


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