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THINK's charger is part of the PCU, so I doubt there's a charger upgrade anyone would be interested unless it' a PCU upgrade....and that's something that THINK had listed as an option at one point.

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I think the fee level is all about opportunity.  What it says to me is 
that the on board chargers are too slow, not using all the capacity of 
the charging station.  Nissan is going to fix the problem with the next 
version when they start selling the car with a ~24 mph charger.  Maybe 
Blink will change the minimum fee interval when most cars have a 
charger that can max out the stations capacity.  That way, they can get 
the maximum number of vehicles through the station.  Or maybe they will 
put the fee on a scale that is proportional to your charging rate, but 
that is really the same as time, which is easier for them to measure 
and bill.

I've got the other problem.  My charger is too fast and the Blink 
won't supply enough power to take advantage of its speed.  I've got a 
switch on the dash to throttle back the PFC40 to 30amps input just so I 
can use the Blinks.

Will Think City owners want an upgraded charger as well?  Who makes 
the charger in the Think?  It would probably take some serious BMS 
hacking to make this type of upgrade.  I can see that there is probably 
quite an after market opportunity with the Thinks, depending on the 
number of them that are finally sold in the PDX market.  Since the 
final cost of the car is less than $9000, an upgrade to a 6.6kw level 2 
charger and a DCFC option for around $6000 would probably be a bargain.


On Sat, 15 Sep 2012 15:53:54 -0700, patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:
> A one hour charging interval is a rip off. 5 minutes (or less) would
> be best, I would tolerate a 15 minute interval, but an hour is just
> wrong. If I were parking overnight, I would not care.  Or if they
> charged $0.80 per hour, I would not mind, but if they want to charge a
> premium fee, I want premium service. This includes reliable stations
> and correct Billing.  > > -Pat
>  Sunlight will never cost $4 per gallon > On Sep 15, 2012 9:37 AM, "Myles Twete"  wrote:
> > So earlier this week I plugged in as a “Guest” at the Level 2
> Blink EVSE at Hollywood Fred Meyer.  The charge was $0/hr. > > Last night, I plugged into one of the Hawthorne Fred Meyer’s Level 2
> Blink EVSE’s but the charge was $2/hr as a Guest. > > Not only that, they didn’t pro-rate the hourly rate charge and so
> our 1 hr 45 minutes of being plugged in was billed at $4. > > I wonder if they’d have charged us $6 if we went 2 hr 1 minute being
> plugged in? > >  
> > This doesn’t make me want to join their network with either of their
> subscriber plans.  OTOH, their charge stations are pretty ubiquitous
> around Portland. > >  
> > Has anyone else but me plugged into the Shorepower EVSE at Electric
> Avenue?  I plugged in there the morning of Merkley’s cross-Oregon
> EV drive day back in June(?) and found that the charging stopped after
> about 10 minutes with a ground fault message being displayed.  I
> mentioned this to someone with Shorepower afterwards, but yesterday I
> found that the EVSE still has this problem, stopping my charging after
> just 12 minutes when I had been expecting 30 minutes of charge. 
> While it was free to charge, I paid something like $0.80 to park there
> thinking I’d be getting ½ hour of charge.  Instead, I got 1/5 hr
> of charge for $0.80, or an effective cost of $4/hr for the charge I
> got.  This station should get fixed.  > >  
> > -Myles > >  
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> SUBJECT: Thanks For Charging With Blink! > >  
> > Thank you for charging with Blink. Please find a receipt for your most
> recent charge session below:
> > Billed to:  > > Receipt Date: 11:56PM 14 Sep 2012 EDT
> > Order Total: $4.00
> > Reference Blink Code: > > Item - > > Billed Hours: 2 hours
> Billing Interval: 1 hour
> Interval Rate: $2.00
> Location: FRED MEYER - #135 Hawthorne
> > Terms and Conditions [5]
> Blink FAQ [6]
>   > >  
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