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Portland's National Plug-in Days are next weekend!

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

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Hi everyone. As you probably know, next Sunday is National Plug In Day,
which will be celebrated in 60+ cities nationwide. The  Electric Auto
Association (and Plug In America, Sierra Club, and lots of other groups
taking part) are really excited to turn out thousands of people to these
events where they can learn about the many benefits of electric cars. At
some events, there will even be test-rides, solar-powered charging
stations, and mayoral proclamations!

I hope you'll register for an event near you (and you might even win an
iPad). See the blog post below from my colleague Ann and I giving you a
teaser about all the events coming up. It was posted on Sierra Club's
Compass blog<http://www.electricauto.org/link.asp?e=patrick0101@gmail.com&job=709143&ymlink=1082031&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsierraclub%2Etypepad%2Ecom%2Fcompass%2F2012%2F09%2Fwill%2Dyou%2Djoin%2Dus%2Dfor%2Dplug%2Din%2Dday%2Ehtml>as
well as the Daily
Feel free to circulate/re-post/re-tweet.

Thanks and all the best,

Gina Coplon-Newfield

Will You Join Us for Plug In Day?

For the last few weeks, we have been celebrating the new vehicle fuel
efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions
mark President Obama's biggest climate accomplishment yet. Tens of
thousands of Americans have sent letters to the White House thanking the
president for new policies that will ensure that automakers produce much
more efficient vehicles as well as cars that run on little or no oil at
all. Now there's another way to celebrate.

Sunday, September 23rd, is National Plug In
a nationwide celebration of electric vehicles (EVs). By turning their back
on the pump, oil spills, and tailpipe emissions, these vehicles are a huge
step toward moving America beyond oil. They are also a lot of fun to drive.
On the 23rd, EV drivers and the EV-curious in over 60 cities across the
country will be taking part in free events to test drive EVs, kick the
tires, and check out solar-powered EV charging stations. Ten lucky people
who register for and attend Plug In Day events will even win a new
iPad. <http://www.electricauto.org/link.asp?e=patrick0101@gmail.com&job=709143&ymlink=1082031&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fevents%2Epluginday%2Eorg%2Fp%2Fsalsa%2Fweb%2Fcommon%2Fpublic%2Fcontent%3Fcontent%5Fitem%5FKEY%3D11267>

You can see if there is an event near you and register

A switch to EVs is an important part of a future with greener
transportation choices, domestic clean energy manufacturing jobs, and a
healthier planet. Every year, we burn roughly 121 billion gallons of oil in
our passenger cars and trucks -- and even after taking into account the
electricity used to charge EVs, these are almost always the cleanest cars
will only get cleaner as we shift to more renewable sources of power. You
can't say that about a gasoline-powered vehicle!

The Plug In Day events feature electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles in
electric car parades, "tailpipe-free" tailgate parties, awards to leaders
promoting EV-readiness, the launch of new public EV charging stations, and
other educational events.

   - Event-goers in the Los Angeles
be taking EV test-drives and checking out more than a dozen models of
   electric cars of the past and present at the Automobile Driving Museum.
   - In New York
will be electric delivery trucks on display from companies that will
   likely include Fed Ex, Coca Cola, and Duane Reade.
   - The mayor of Sarasota,
   be issuing a Plug In Day proclamation where participants in that city will
   enjoy test-rides, musical entertainment, and a silent and emission-free EV

Whether or not you can make it to a Plug In Day event,you can take a moment
to sign a petition showing your governor that you support EV-readiness
programs in your
as more consumer education, public charging stations, and utility
programs that provide off-peak electricity rates and improve

Sierra Club<http://www.electricauto.org/link.asp?e=patrick0101@gmail.com&job=709143&ymlink=1082031&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Esierraclub%2Eorg%2Felectric%2Dvehicles%2F>
teamed up with Plug In
, Electric Auto Association <http://electricauto.org>, and dozens of local
groups to organize this second annual National Plug In Day. With double the
number of events this year than last, the momentum is electric.

-- Ann Mesnikoff is the Sierra Club's Director of Green Transportation, and
Gina Coplon-Newfield is the Sierra Club's Director of Green Fleets &
Electric Vehicles Initiative

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