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I agree with Cory. When the L2 was free, I would plug in when I stopped at
Fred Meyer or somewhere similar. A little free convenience charging is fun
and a great way to keep my battery in the happy zone. Even if it was only
10 minutes, I'd plug in. But if I am paying for much more than the standard
electrical rates, the only thing that makes sense is DC Fast charging and
it will be a rare case when I need that.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:45 AM, Cory Bertsch <pi at hiddenspiral.net> wrote:

> I can see the QC getting used, but not the L2. It's slow enough not to
> make a huge difference in range and from what I understand they charge in 1
> hour increments. So if you charge at L2 for 10 minutes, you get hit for the
> full hour and their rates much higher than what you would pay to charge at
> home.
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:09 AM, <gfifield at onlinenw.com> wrote:
>> We used the quick charger yesterday while my wife picked up flowers for a
>> friend in Providence.
>> Both prime parking places were unoccupied.
>> The charger worked fine, I set it for 90% and it charged to something less
>> than 80% as reported by others. We were going to visit our friend in the
>> hospital and go on to the airport to pick up our son. From experience I'm
>> never able to comfortably make the 65 mile run from Sherwood to the
>> airport and back up the hill with an 80% charge from home. So I thought I
>> would use the Fred Meyer Tigard Quick Charger.
>> My wife complemented the service desk about Fred Meyer providing the
>> charging station. They replied that they get at least two complaints a day
>> about these prime spots being unavailable. (She is always looking to
>> compliment some hard working employee.)
>> So a word to the wise is to compliment often and use these spots often.
>> BTW I made it back up the hill with 9 miles and one bar.
>> Gene
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