[Oeva-list] Fred Meyer Tigard Blink QC

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue Sep 18 15:15:43 PDT 2012

On 9/18/12 2:50 PM, patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:
> I agree with Cory. When the L2 was free, I would plug in when I stopped
> at Fred Meyer or somewhere similar. A little free convenience charging
> is fun and a great way to keep my battery in the happy zone. Even if it
> was only 10 minutes, I'd plug in. But if I am paying for much more than
> the standard electrical rates, the only thing that makes sense is DC
> Fast charging and it will be a rare case when I need that.

I've done a 10 minute charge in the past, but pretty much only to say
I'd used the station - it's not worth the effort otherwise.  I went
ahead and paid the $6 to L2 charge in the Indigo garage Saturday (plus
$10 parking) because it was convenient to the way the evening's plans
were working out and L2's easier on the batteries.  While I expect it to
be an infrequent case, if it's convenient, I'll continue to use L2
charging for that reason.  The QC rates are likely to end up in the same
range, $5+, so economically it's a wash.

Ironically, after an all EV weekend last weekend, next weekend will be
trips to the coast, Mt Hood/the Gorge and Sauvie Island that will make
it an all gas weekend.  Sigh...

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