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I'm all for promoting the EV charging networks but I feel it's important to promote the policies that people will actually use. Spending tax dollars on poorly thought out systems and policies will hurt EV adoption in the long term. There seems to be this push to have EV's cost the same per mile that ICE cars do thus negating the cost benefit offsetting the cost of batteries. That leaves only the environmental and dollars offshore benefit at a greater expense to shift drivers away from gas. 


Have an endless forever........

On Sep 19, 2012, at 8:22 AM, gfifield at onlinenw.com wrote:

> Availability of charging stations should be our first priority.
> Complaining about being charged a dollar for charging up our BEVs seems to
> drive the conversation away from building the infrastructure into a short
> sighted money issue. This conversation may deter the infrastructure
> expansion. While I don't want to be gouged for only charging up for 10
> minutes at a L2 charger, I might be grateful that there is a working
> charger there. It would have been nice if, after all the $$$ that have
> been poured into the EV Project, they could have held off for another year
> before asking for money, but alas the companies involved must make the
> case that there is some economic reason/reward for putting a charging
> station on line; either to their investors or to their customers. Would it
> be wise to start boycotting or avoiding these charging stations? I expect
> that I'll donate a few dollars every so often to insure that the
> infrastructure remains in place.
> What value is there in having a BEV that cannot be conveniently recharged?
> I want the EV expansion to continue! I want the next consumer, that
> considers an EV purchase, to not even have to think that finding a
> charging station might be a problem.
> When I've charged up in the past, people have asked how much I pay for
> getting a charge. I sheepishly have said for now it is free, but
> eventually there will be some nominal fee charged. There is some value in
> not being perceived as a "freeloader." Now we can proudly say we are
> paying our way.
> This thread started with me warning about customers at Fred Meyer
> complaining about the EV parking places displacing them from their
> convenient parking places.
> Use it or loose it.
> Gene Fifield
>> You might sing a different tune if your level 2 charger could max out the
>> charging station.  For the rest of us that can't enjoy the benefits of
>> DCFC that is the only option we have.  Now if I could just get my BMS to
>> settle down so I could drive my truck.  Engineering is fun!!
>> Paul Wallace
>> '94 USE S10 sooooo close to drivable
>> On Sep 18, 2012, at 7:37 PM, Rhonda Walton wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> I have to agree with everyone.
>>> I would plug in anywhere I could to bring attention to the EV. I feel it
>>> made more of a statement then I could possibly say.
>>> But I won't unless it it worth the statement were trying to make.
>>> Who was it that last week was talking designed to fail.
>>> Rhonda Walton
>>> EVO2GO
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>>> *Think before you print
>>> On 9/18/12 3:15 PM, "Alan Batie" <alan at batie.org> wrote:
>>>> On 9/18/12 2:50 PM, patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:
>>>>> I agree with Cory. When the L2 was free, I would plug in when I
>>>>> stopped
>>>>> at Fred Meyer or somewhere similar. A little free convenience charging
>>>>> is fun and a great way to keep my battery in the happy zone. Even if
>>>>> it
>>>>> was only 10 minutes, I'd plug in. But if I am paying for much more
>>>>> than
>>>>> the standard electrical rates, the only thing that makes sense is DC
>>>>> Fast charging and it will be a rare case when I need that.
>>>> I've done a 10 minute charge in the past, but pretty much only to say
>>>> I'd used the station - it's not worth the effort otherwise.  I went
>>>> ahead and paid the $6 to L2 charge in the Indigo garage Saturday (plus
>>>> $10 parking) because it was convenient to the way the evening's plans
>>>> were working out and L2's easier on the batteries.  While I expect it
>>>> to
>>>> be an infrequent case, if it's convenient, I'll continue to use L2
>>>> charging for that reason.  The QC rates are likely to end up in the
>>>> same
>>>> range, $5+, so economically it's a wash.
>>>> Ironically, after an all EV weekend last weekend, next weekend will be
>>>> trips to the coast, Mt Hood/the Gorge and Sauvie Island that will make
>>>> it an all gas weekend.  Sigh...
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