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*Top Story ===========================================
Portland is celebrating National Plug In Day next weekend at Electric Ave.
Come drive an EV and talk to people that own them:
o flyer http://fb.me/1zWR7rVQy
o pluginday website http://goo.gl/bwsI4
o facebook event http://goo.gl/5YEEG
o bumper sticker http://fb.me/27qJ6q932
o earth techling story http://fb.me/1KmHYnBX3

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ==============================*
o OEVA will be hosting a National Plug In Day event in Portland
o Chevy Volt Ride & Drive in Beaverton Oct 9 http://goo.gl/S36Wv
o Green Transportation Conference in Portland Wednesday October 24

*Media  ===========================================*
o OEVA at the Belmont Street Fair http://fb.me/2a4aFJofQ
o Fast Charging in Salem Oregon http://fb.me/tyDVGcZC
o DC Fast Chargers in Oregon and Washington state http://fb.me/2g3cinjxA
o West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/1ArvmaizH
o Banks Oregon DCFC installed http://fb.me/wKG0DJ2U
o KillaJoule Electric Motorcycle, 213 MPH at Bonneville
o Chevy Volt & Nissan Leaf in Madras Oregon http://fb.me/2iPpXlIgm

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o Would a $20,000 rebate make you buy an EV for your business?
o Drive Oregon announces new grant program for EV industry
o Polaris Electric Bicycles to be Launched http://fb.me/22hloYxXJ
o Brammo hiring Project Manager http://bit.ly/Pq8esP
o Chris Hoffmann at TEDx "Can transportation radically change?"
o Oregon Eco-Winery w/ solar powered EV charging stations
o The RYNO Electric Unicycle…Actually Works http://fb.me/23WfJRrxO
o Coda EV coming to Oregon in 2013 http://fb.me/1CazabyAb

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Nearly Triple Over Last Year
o ChargePoint offering free charging stations for employers
o It takes a driver to make a driver http://fb.me/1vmPBXoT0
o Tesla Motors shares climb on upgrade by Morgan Stanley
o Military Buying Chevrolet Volt For U.S. Bases http://fb.me/N5NgBUHG
o Level 2 residential charger on Amazon http://fb.me/QH1VeRcu
o Tesla Plans: Smaller Crossover & new Sports Car http://fb.me/12bf7xKtd
o Carlos Ghosn says 2nd Generation Leaf Battery Coming http://fb.me/TtmzMWeI

o BC to install over 450 EV charging stations http://fb.me/1EjnsyKoW
o Energy Secretary encourages rate structures for EVs+
o Ecotality names a new CEO http://fb.me/1c6Xm6djy
o Shell Eco-marathon Aims To Better 2,188.6 mpg http://dlvr.it/28dSx5
o Not Driven An Electric Car Yet? Try These Five First
o Future of Electric Vehicles Remains Bright, Despite Detractors
o Closing the loop on the Portland Streetcar http://fb.me/1qeBfNDy7
o Lit Motors' innovative EV takes 2nd at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012

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