[Oeva-list] new onboard charger offfers full charge in 1 hour or less

John Christian john.p.christian at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 09:44:26 PDT 2012


While many questions persist such as; how big is the battery, who actually
has a 400 volt service available, and which cars will have a simialr
option, it does bode well for future EV offerings. This unit was designed
by the Swiss and is more appropriate for the European market.

This is an example of the entirely different pace of innovtion with EVs. We
are used to it taking many years to see minor auto improvements like seat
belts and turbo chargers - which for fossil fuel cars is normal. This
affects our infrastructure planning - like the connectors on our DC quick
chargers and the roll out of Better Place's battery swapping stations for
EVs. But dramatic changes in technology are comming at much more rapid pace
for EVs. Standards have yet to jell in many areas and new technology
offerings will completely change our view of normal in a very short time.
Nowhere is this more impactful than in battery and charging technologies.

These are exciting times and you are in the midst of it. Congratulations on
being insightful and taking action.

Best regards,
John P. Christian
OEVA Chairman
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