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Craig Schaefer calvinjean2 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 21 18:45:17 PDT 2012

28% Nat Gas
25% Coal
9% Market purchases
5% long term market purchases
11% wind
16% long term hydro
6% PGE hydro


22% Nuclear
18% Large Hydro
19% Renewable (greenhouse gas free)
25% Natural Gas
15% Unspecified (market)
1% other

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     Hello Listonians, Clark PUD has released the 2011 mix of Energy Resources:

  Hydro      69.0%
  Nat Gas   23.0%
  Coal          4.0%
  Nuclear     3.7%
  Other        0.3%
  Biomass, Landfill Gas, Waste etc.
  No mention of Wind in our mix..

  Price per kwh is $0.0983.   with city of Vancouver 6% tax
  that was at 960kwh for last month's usage, with AC for 3400 sq ft...

  No solar yet, maybe next year..  :')~
  Oh, how does PG&E stack up???

           Daniel "Bubba" Conway 


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