[Oeva-list] Free Loaner car, test drive or Rent a Leaf

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Sat Sep 22 10:35:14 PDT 2012

The West Hills Collision Center Free loaner Leaf has been sitting  around 
for some time. 
If anyone wanted to go for a test drive it would be free. Also free as  a 
replacement vehicle with any body & Paint repairs. 
For someone who really wants to see if a Leaf will work for them. You  
could rent it at a reduced rate to make a good decision. 
Call for further information
Don Blazer
West Hills Collision Center
My cell 503-706-5359
_http://www.westhillscollision.com_ (http://www.westhillscollision.com) 
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Hi Gina,
I'd be happy to meet with  Cassandra and let her drive my 2012 Leaf.  How do
I contact  her?
Judith Huck

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Hey there -- I think many of you have seen this blog  post:

Cassandra  Profita, the NPR reporter I pitched the Electric Avenue story and
wrote the  blog post, has some other stuff going on Saturday, but she would
love to  test-drive an EV before 11 a.m. if possible. 

I don't know if our  dealer will be set up by then, so I was wondering if 
of you EV owners  might be willing to allow her to test out your vehicle,
maybe even be her  passenger, earlier in the a.m. I'm thinking it might be
best to get her in  a LEAF, or a Volt or a Think, if possible. And having a
knowledgeable  passenger could make for a more impactful story.

An NPR story would be  awesome;-)


Gina Binole
GBM  Communications

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