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Sun Sep 23 07:49:08 PDT 2012

Justa reminder that Portland’s National Plug-In Day celebration continues today(Sunday) with cake, ice cream/popsicles, and a Piñata! We plan to cut the cakearound 1pm, the EV-shaped Piñata will get hit with a blunt object around 2pm,and the frozen treats will be served continuously until gone. EV Roadmap willbe holding their raffle for the Hood River Getaway around 3pm, so if you haven’talready entered you can do so at the event. As for the free iPads….it appearsthat none of the 10 winners are in Portland. With thousands of entrants spreadover 60+ cities, the odds were long to begin with, and while we wish we hadenough for everyone, or at least one for each city, the gift of 10 iPads wasjust that--a free, unsolicited gift--from a donor who cares deeply aboutspreading the EV message, but does not have unlimited resources.
Aspart of the street closure permit OEVA has paid for the parking meters on theclosed street, so those parking EVs in the event area park for free. For thosearriving in gas cars, or if the event area fills up, the PSU-owned parkingstructures are free on Sundays. Note that the adjacent parking structure (ParkingStructure 2) is restricted to PSU permit holders, but Parking Structure 1,located two blocks south, is available for visitors. You can find Parking Structure1 in the block bounded by Broadway, Harrison, Sixth, and Hall, with entry onBroadway and Sixth. More information athttp://www.pdx.edu/transportation/short-term-parking
I look forward to seeing you there!
“Portland – National Plug-InDay” CityCaptain
OregonElectric Vehicle Association

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