[Oeva-list] Shop Sale

Jeff Kim jeff.shorepower at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 20:17:39 PDT 2012

We're cleaning out the shop and need to sell some items:

2000 VW Jetta EV conversion. This is a fully functional electric vehicle.
 Runs great, but could use some TLC. Asking $6,500, but will sell it to an
OEVA member for $5,900.

Manzanita Micro PFC-20 battery charger.  The PFC-20 is designed to charge
any battery pack from 12 volts to 360 volts nominal (14.4 to 450 peak.)
Cost $2,050 new.  Will sell for $1,500.

2007 Miles Electric vehicle. Was originally 72 volts, but has been upgraded
with a Synkromotive controller and 48 CALB 100Ah lithium batteries.  Some
of the batteries have seemed to lose capacity due to sitting too long or
being over charged. So, it will need some work.  When it was running it was
fully freeway capable.  One other issue. This is the "off road version," so
it can't be registered for street use. Willing to sell it for $6,000 or
$3,500 without the batteries.  Can include the original controller.

Give me a call or email me off list for further details. 503-686-8844.

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