[Oeva-list] Items of note from today's trip to Portland

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue Sep 25 01:24:50 PDT 2012

Going up was great: charged at Salem and the Electric Ave Eaton.  After
going out to Sauvie Island for the afternoon, came back 6ish to find the
Eaton and Kamatsu busy, move to WTC to find the PGE Leaf parked in front
of the fast charge *and NOT even plugged in!* so go over to Hollywood
Fred Meyer and it was actually working and got charged up.

After dinner, get to Woodburn and right RFID reader not working, but
charged on left side, then get to Salem for a bump to get home on, and
found Emergency Stop had been pushed.  Blink tech said some can be
turned left and pop out to reset, but others, like this one, require a
key.  They're working on removing the key restriction, waiting on parts
apparently...  Got home at 60mph though...

Apparently someone else was preceding me to Corvallis, as both Blink
problems had already been reported (wish I'd asked him about the Salem
station when I had him on the phone in Woodburn, as I almost did, or at
least checked my blink app - would have charged to 100% there).

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