[Oeva-list] LiFePo4 Cells

Theoldcars at aol.com Theoldcars at aol.com
Wed Sep 26 20:41:33 PDT 2012

The New CALB gray CA series cells 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah, 180Ah and  400Ah. 
Anyone interested in placing an order in the next couple of weeks would get 
 a discounted price that I cannot post but I can pass on pricing if you 
contact  me off list. 
Here is a link to EVTV 
One thing that EVTV does not bring up is the cells also come with their  
actual resistance readings as well as their tested Ah capacity. Every size  
cell will come with this information. 
If anyone knows of a better cell for less money please let me know. I  
waited for a couple of years before buying the CALB cells but as of right now I  
think they are the best value for the dollar. Not the least expensive but 
they  do test out close to 10% more capacity Also seem to have the best 
feedback from  past buyers. 
Don Blazer

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