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*Top Stories ================================================*
o March Plug-In Electric Car Sales Roars Back http://fb.me/2TBlsKd8X

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ==================================*
o webinar: DC Fast Charging for EVs, April 9th http://fb.me/2pbtSDOCR
o PubTalk: EV Start-ups: Driving Innovation April 10 http://fb.me/1xUVZ5pzO
o OEVA Monthly Meeting April 11th oeva.org
o PCC offers plug-in vehicle orientation class April 30
o Open Source Bridge 2013 Conference is June 18–21 http://fb.me/ss87ON3i
o Sun Grand Prix June 24-29 http://fb.me/2sPwxeHFQ
o BC2BC 2013 June 29 http://goo.gl/bcqTJ
o We'll see you at SolWest! July 26-28 http://fb.me/y5GupWhn
o EV Roadmap 6: Drivers Take the Spotlight, July 30-31 http://fb.me/O78gldAJ

*Northwest EV News of Note ============================*
o ODOT is inviting comment on charging locations http://fb.me/1ClrkxVDd
o Zipcar brings all-electric vehicles to PSU campus http://fb.me/2Aq4tgUmb
o Truck Delivery Replaced by Electric Trike http://fb.me/1f8uFTDw2
o Funding Opportunity for EV Charging Infrastructure http://fb.me/1HsFGWLMP
o Scappoose Fred Meyer DC Fast Charger coming soon http://fb.me/vrqselIR
o McMinnville DCFC Station online! http://fb.me/E42ddn9O

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o video: Tesla Model S lease for $0 down & $500/month* http://fb.me/EHS5ESHt

o Stephen King thinks the Chevy Volt is scary good http://fb.me/1EvDPvaMn
o video: Exxon Pipeline Breaks in Arkansas http://fb.me/1ZOaHZY7w
o photos: Baldock Rest Stop Solar Panels http://fb.me/2ejNFMoj8
o song: BLINK of an Eye: Charging Station http://fb.me/20nkpY0as
o video: Why Public Charging is Important by Tom Saxton
o The Electric Car Revolution full doc http://fb.me/2eKXBbJck

*Other EV News of Note ================================*
 o Tesla intros "world's best financing" for the "world's best car"
o Carbon Anode Boosts Battery Capacity 30% MIT http://fb.me/2kIyYHkk0
o EVs & hybrids cut emissions by 80% study http://fb.me/2nJsx42Fd
o video: Mercedes-Benz's EV in U.S. http://fb.me/15UmYqd3c
o Tesla Scraps 40 kWh Battery Pack http://fb.me/1FbJPu50p
o Exxon-Mobil pipeline spilled ~185k gallons of tar sands crude
o Ford offering $50k for green car smartphone apps http://fb.me/2BaxcqnOk
o Mitsubishi halts EV production amid battery problems http://fb.me/MVWprLwI

o Fisker Furloughs Workers, Hires Bankruptcy Lawyers http://fb.me/2GwRuvBPw
o 1st BMW i3s in late '13 to have Range Extenders http://fb.me/2pMw6jVoL
o Mitsubishi Reveals More Info On Outlander PHEV http://fb.me/1LV8M3LH6
o 2013 Smart Electric Has Arrived http://fb.me/2oHOrGVtg
o 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is headed for US
o Nissan enhances LEAF battery warranty http://fb.me/23cobwsHr

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