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Hello Ken
You little charger is a good rate. Charge them to 3.6 volts. 
Since there in series you will need to watch each cell voltage closely 
As long as the load was low and they were not at zero volts they may fully  
Don Blazer
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Subject: [Oeva-list] droped below  2.5 on lfp's, to charge up again ?
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while biulding  circut  on my ev scooter i left my contractor on for 24 
hours or more and found many  of my cells went down  .5 volts .

I put on a little  350  ma    12 volt charger on the 4  cells, I've heard 
to recharg  them very slowly. I start at this rate for1/2 to start I didn't 
have a bms on  at the time , 

At what rate should I charge them back up ?  didn't  want to use my 5 amp 
charger circut  .
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