[Oeva-list] Long Distance in a LEAF

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Sat Apr 6 08:00:46 PDT 2013

Hi Brian,

Please report on your experience! I would like to make that trip some day.

Armed with your 6.6KW option to charge at RV parks is the only thing that
makes this trip possible today.

I've thought that an EVangelist making the circuit, with brochures in hand
is a good way to make contact with RV park owners. Maybe take along some
brochures on how they could get a charging station for their park.

>From personal experience, you and your spouse have made the right decision
to not go together on this adventure.

As far as fast charging to 80%: it has been my experience that the FAST
part is the to-80%; then current flow starts tapering off, and the thermal
effect along with it. So I see no harm in letting it go longer, if you are
enjoying your lunch.

For someone who has tried the go slow approach on hwy 18:
I only use that technique if I can not reach my destination w/o doing it;
not to keep battery temperature down.
It is better for you and your relationship to the other cars on the road
to keep up. I think we give the wrong impression to the public that the EV
is inferior.

Another hypermileing technique I've used,if traffic will allow, is to try
to minimize the deviation from 0 on the KW gauge. So in hilly areas you
pick up speed downhill, then "coast" uphill. This keeps the momentum in
the car and you don't have the regenerative I-R losses putting it back in
the battery downhill and taking it out uphill. Now I know this then flies
in the face of "not making the LEAF look inferior" - - so only do this
when nobody is looking. : )

One more tip; it takes about 1KWH to raise your Leaf 700 feet in addition
to the usual flatland expenditure. --Charge accordingly.

Good luck with your trip.

Gene Fifield

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