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I have 33,000 miles on our Leaf.  We've done a lot of distance with it and I've never seen the temperature go more than one or two wedges above normal.  I believe driving hard like continuous 70+ mph increases the heat just as much as, if not more than, fast charging.  I've quick charged up to 5 or 6 times a day without heat issues.  I try not to let the SOC get below 2 bars as well as not charge above 10 bars.  
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> After 25,000 miles of local commuting in my LEAF, I’ve decided to venture out a bit farther and drive down to Davis, CA for a visit with my Pappy.  He turns 95 this month and has been very interested in my LEAF ever since I got it in June 2011 and I want him to experience it first hand behind the wheel (he still drives).    I’ve received my charging cable back from EVSE Upgrade and built up the adapters for NEMA 6, 10, and 14 series outlets, so I’m pretty certain that I’ll be able to find electrons along I-5 in the barren wilds of Northern California.  The plan is to drive as slowly as safety will allow (a new experience for me) to maximize range and keep battery temperature under control, fast charge to a maximum of 80% until Ashland, and if temp allows, go for 100% for the start of the California leg.  I’m taking some LEAF brochures to give to some of the interesting folks I’m bound to meet at the RV parks and truck stops (“What kind o’ damn skateboard is that yer drivin’ anyway?”).  It should be a fun experience to take two days (hopefully) to make a drive that takes 8 ½ hours in the Prius; though not fun enough to entice my spouse to go along.  Hats off to Oregon for being way ahead of the Golden State on the implementation of the West Coast Electric Highway!
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